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We help our customers meet the challenges of the future with Australian advanced technology.

About Us

HeroSeraph is an Australian advanced technology company based in Melbourne, Victoria. Our mission is to invent and integrate solutions that enable our customers to understand and mitigate their human, environmental and technological risks. We drive our innovative software and hardware solutions with HeroSeraph's responsible AI technologies.

Our solutions include road safety planning technology, bushfire and natural hazard detection, smart agriculture, climate risk intelligence, climate adaptation technology, risk mitigation and simulation, cyber preparedness and training. We also provide expert consultation to help you responsibly leverage AI, analyse data and gain insights to advance your business goals.

If you are an expert in your field and want to transform your idea into a reality with the support of advanced technology, we build custom systems to enable your success.

Our Solutions

Risk Mitigation and Planning Systems

We help to reduce risks across a range of applications, including road safety, cyber security, emergency and resilience planning by developing custom planning tools, hazard detection and simulation solutions. HeroSeraph's AI-based technologies provide you with an in-depth understanding of risks, and support your human decision-making processeses.

Climate Adaptation Technology

At HeroSeraph, we believe that human ingenuity can overcome the challenges presented by a changing climate. We develop solutions to help you develop resiliency in the face of these challenges, including solutions for prediction and detection of bushfires and natural hazards, smart agriculture technologies and climate risk intelligence to better plan for future risks.

Training and Consultation

A key part of mitigating risk is prior preparation and training. We offer training and consultation services for various risk mitigation and cyber security topics, supported by HeroSeraph's simulator systems. Our training and consultation services are tailored for your organisation's needs and our simulation systems reduce training costs on complex and costly equipment.

Recent Projects


Mobility Aid Detection

HeroSeraph's mobility aid detector is a world-first computer vision solution for live, automatic identification of mobility aids. Developed with support from the Commonwealth Government's Road Safety Innovation Fund, our detector can identify mobility aid users in critical locations such as pedestrian crossings, enabling dedicated safety treatments to be activated for these vulnerable road users. HeroSeraph's mobility aid detector can also be used in regular public and commercial environments to alert your staff to the presence of people with special needs.


Cyber Vulnerability Test Bed

Cyber Vulnerability Test Bed (VTB) is a cyber security training and testing simulator. VTB is a fully isolated simulation environment where you can simulate various cyber security vulnerabilities against different IT assets which are virtualised by VTB, without needing to install or interact with real, live IT assets, servers and network infrastructure. Cyber VTB enables your cyber security and IT professionals to gain valuable experience and training which they can apply to real-world corporate networks.


Kingfisher Remotely Piloted Vehicle Simulation System

Kingfisher RPSS is an immersive, 3-D virtual reality (VR) experience, closely modelled on the real-world user interface and control systems for RPVs. Kingfisher RPSS enables RPV operators to undertake engaging, realistic RPV training missions in a safe, virtual environment, gaining experience ahead of live flight. By training on simulated RPVs, operating costs and losses due to damaged aircraft can be reduced.

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